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Press & Reviews of DANCIN'

The Music Box Theatre 2023

In my 20 years of working in Wardrobe, I have never seen the wardrobe team get a shout-out in a major press outlet. Needless to say, I could not have been more proud of my work on this production and the amazing team that made it all possible. Thank Entertainment Weekly for the shout-out!

“Featuring snippets of "Hey Big Spender' from Sweet Charity and "I Gotcha" from Liza with a Z, "Big City Mime" is mesmerizing among the costume changes (the dressers in this show could solve world peace by dinner time), the set changes, and... ah, the dancing!”


Click on the buttons below to read the Entertainment Weekly review of the 2023 Broadway revival of  DANCIN' Wardrobe Supervised by Jessica Dermody featuring the talented wardrobe crew:

Assistant Supervisor Jamie Ramsden 

Dressers: Chelsea Meredith, Shireen Unvala, Amanda Rehberg, Luciany German, Nghĩa Nguyen, Travis Ryder, Chad Schiro, Kristyn Tierney, Melissa Tulchinsky-Rumril, Caleb Howell

Laundry: Angela Simpson

Stitchers: Michael Harrel, Lizet Rubinos, Casendera Lollar, Amy Micalef 

Press & Reviews of Gregorian

Walkerspace Theatre (Soho Repertory Theatre) 2017

"History is long. Memory is short. And much is buried under the rug. Unearthing the past, Matthew Greene’s latest play, Gregorian - digs deep into the painful history of the Armenian people. - Dermody’s direction, working hand in hand with Charlie Sutton on movement, was quite deft, not an easy task given the split timing needed to smoothly link each scene to the next."


Click on the buttons below to read reviews of Gregorian directed by Jessica Dermody.

News & Press

The 51% Interview

Sandi Klein's Conversations with Creative Women


Jessica was invited to sit with Sandi Klein for two powerhouse episodes of her award-winning podcast.

Meet Jessica Dermody - Director/Producer/Writer, and actress Lolita Brinkley. Their paths have come together during a production of Life Without Parole. The powerful six-character play is based on the original testimonies and transcripts of inmates at the California Institution for Women at Chino who were convicted of killing their abusive partners. Jessica is the director and Lolita a member of the cast. Our conversation extends beyond the play to include their lives on stage, as well as in front of and behind the camera.


Click the button below to listen to the interview.

Press & Reviews of Life Without Parole

New York International Fringe Festival 2014


Click on the buttons below to read reviews of Life Without Parole directed by Jessica Dermody.

Zack Calhoon Interview

Visible Soul . . . People You Should Know Interview



Click the button below to read my People You Should Know interview with Zach Calhoon.

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